Oppi is an education event with a difference

In a nutshell
​Oppi celebrates equality and is action orientated.  What can participants take away that will make them do their job differently on Monday morning?  How can the Oppi community build a meaningful network of talent and expertise?  Ultimately, how can we positively impact teaching and learning globally?  We believe that if we can create the right balance of professional development opportunities; an open timetable structure to which all participants can contribute; and a serious amount of networking /thinking/partying time, then magic can happen.
What we'd say if we only had 30 seconds in an elevator
Oppi Helsinki 2014
Oppi New York City 2015
​Oppi’s first outing in 2014 was an education festival in Helsinki for an audience of 1200.  We had ten simultaneous platforms and contributors from across the world and even the international space station.  Watch highlights here.
​Oppi’s next reiteration was 2015 in NYC for an audience of 450.  The global audience celebrated connections, shared their experiences and built bridges out of Lego. See full programme here
Oppi H-Farm Venice 2016
Oppi 2017 - Back in Venice
​For Oppi 2016 we scaled the event right down and organised a tiny “invite only” convening in Venice where each individual funded their own place.  The audience created the timetable onsite; deciding what was relevant and learning how we might support one another in a more sustained way.
​Back by popular demand, we are repeating our 2016 model at H-Farm with an invited audience.  28th - 30th September 2017. Please contact us to register your interest in attending
Do you have a place where you'd like to host Oppi?
We are constantly searching for amazing and inspiring places to host Oppi. If you have a terrific idea of where that might be... please get in touch