OPPI 2018

20th - 22nd September

H-Farm. Venice
  1. Professor Dennis Shirley
    Professor Dennis Shirley
    Oppi is the "Woodstock" of education
  2. Vikki Weston
    Vikki Weston
    Oppi is a magical, special event that brings incredible people from the education sector together in a completely unique way that generates endless opportunities and possibilities.
  3. Greg Klerkx
    Greg Klerkx
    Scintillating, rollicking, deep-thinking...the best confab on all things learning-related I've ever attended. Long live Oppi!
  4. Lord Jim Knight
    Lord Jim Knight
    Oppi was simply magical. It was the perfect mix of personal and professional development that has re-energised me in my work.
Who is Oppi for?
I can’t think of another education event that created such a supportive space for sharing ideas and collaborating to invent new ones. It makes other education conferences and festivals look old-fashioned. There were no panels, pre-rehearsed arguments or poorly-disguised pitches at Oppi - just opportunities to talk deeply and candidly with others who are equally passionate about education. Some times you need to stop, step back and breathe before you can see the bigger picture: Oppi provided the perfect space to do that and was also (whisper it) a great deal of fun.

​Mr Michael Shaw.  TES Global
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It's not just professional, it's personal

Knowledge transfer
Debating key issues and challenges
Professional effectiveness/ personal growth training
Time to bond and form a supportive community of like minds
A space to play

Oppi is a not for profit organised by Suklaa . Born from a desire to harness the energy and willingness to collaborate that is often found in the pub after an education conference