Where does the learning from Oppi go?

What happens next?
The right balance of Oppi folk is crucial to it’s ongoing success. The Oppi ethos is to support ongoing dialogue and the implementation of awesome ideas. How do we do that? Everyone keeps talking. We have an active Facebook group. Smaller interest groups meet up whenever possible. We meet for tequila when there’s enough of us in the same city. We keep the spirit alive.

The Oppi community have just created a pitch for MIT's Solve Lab. LearnJournal is a mobile app to log and track a refugee child's learning.  To support our pitch please click this here
No point just sitting around chatting about it. What are we doing?
Arising actions from Oppi 2016
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Ongoing work continues among the network considering:

  • Better systems for refugee education in camps
  • Well being programmes. Collating what is working globally
  • Online learning and the impact of digital solutions in the classroom

What do you want to talk about?
Want to join our Oppi family?  Go to the contact page and get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you.